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Nutrition and Supplements for Better Health

Nutrition and SupplementsThe right food choices and high-quality nutritional supplements can take your health to a new level.

You want great health – but what does that really mean?

To your Pittsfield chiropractor, it means more than the absence of disease. Great health means you can reduce your risk of disease while living a full, energized, vibrant life.

How do you get to that point?

Nutritional Counseling from Tosk Chiropractic

If you’ve ever felt lost when it comes to your nutritional choices, you’re not alone. There are so many resources available that it can get confusing. One person says to avoid carbs. Another says to eat a low-fat diet. Still, another says you can’t eat right unless you eat for your blood type.

Instead of trying to wade your way through these resources – some of them more reputable than others – why not try talking to a professional about your nutrition choices?

What’s Involved in Nutrition Counseling?

All chiropractors need to take continuing education classes to keep their licenses. Dr. Stephen D. Tosk has taken a variety of post-graduate classes over the years, with much emphasis on diagnostics and nutrition.

When you visit Dr. Tosk, he’ll review your health history and have a thorough conversation with you about your symptoms and concerns.

Then, he may recommend blood work and a referral to a Holistic Practitioner.

Based on what he learns from your health history evaluation and test results, he’ll recommend various dietary changes, for reducing inflammation.

Better Health with the Aid of High-Quality Supplements

Sometimes, our bodies need a bit of help in the nutrition department, which is where supplements come into play.

One thing you can bet on, though, is that Dr. Tosk will never tell you to eat whatever you want and simply take vitamins as a way to balance out a poor diet. The best nutrients come from whole foods – it’s what your body needs, so you should always try to get as many nutrients from your diet as possible.

At times, though, you could be dealing with a nutrient deficiency. In that case, no amount of kale is going to remedy the situation quickly. It’s during these times when adding high-quality supplements to your nutrient-dense diet is a good idea.

How to Determine Which Supplements You Need

Based on that information your Pittsfield chiropractor receives from your health history and lab results, he’ll recommend various supplements that may help you with:

  • Better sleep
  • Stress reduction
  • Improved energy
  • Improved immune response

Want to Feel Your Best? Contact Us Today

Feeling like you’re simply surviving each day of your life is no way to live. Talk to your Pittsfield chiropractor about dietary changes you can make to start thriving.

Call us today at 413-442-8563 to schedule an appointment.