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Instrument Adjusting at Tosk Chiropractic

Instrument adjusting is a high-velocity, low-force manual manipulation approach to treat different types of neck and back pain.

This method is an alternative to the high velocity, low amplitude (HVLA) spinal manipulation to restore normal range of motion in the joints.

This chiropractic technique uses a handheld mechanical adjusting instrument for high-speed and controlled impulses at specific target areas.

Instrument-assisted adjusting has the following advantages:

  • Controlled force – A low amount of force is applied in specific points, twisting or bending the affected joints.
  • High speed – The adjusting instrument gives quick impulses making muscles less tensed to improve the treatment’s effectiveness.

Instrument Adjusting Application

This quick and low-impact approach is fit for patients who have suffered from a recent accident or trauma.

For patients suffering from post-traumatic stress, their nervous system is hypersensitive and may be on overdrive. Sudden movements, bending, joints popping, and forceful touch may increase their pain or cause alarm and panic.

Older patients may also prefer a gentler and slower approach. New patients who are hesitant and uncomfortable with the HVLA spinal manipulation may start with a low-pressure treatment option.

Instrument Adjusting Procedure

This technique involves multiple steps. Depending on the evaluation, the chiropractor may perform all the steps or focus on using the instrument to adjust the cervical spine.

  1. The chiropractor will assess the patient and identify extremities and joints suited for instrument adjusting.
  2. The treatment is done while the patient is lying face down on the adjustment table. Instrument-assisted adjusting targets all vertebral segments starting at the lumbar or lower back area upward to the head.
  3. The device applies an initial pressure followed by quick thrusts while the patient remains still.
  4. The chiropractor will examine the patient to check for improvements and reduced pain.

Instrument-Assisted Adjusting Treatment Plan

Based on each patient’s case, your chiropractor may recommend a series of treatments for a few days a week over a four-week period. Once the clinical signs improve and the symptoms are resolved, the procedure may be completed.

However, if the patient does not feel pain relief, the chiropractor will re-evaluate the patient’s condition and offer a different chiropractic treatment option.

Tosk Chiropractic Instrument Adjusting

The right type of chiropractic adjustment technique depends on your spine and the surrounding soft tissues and the history of your problem.

Dr. Stephen D. Tosk’s patient philosophy involves thorough consultation and evaluation before performing any treatment option.

If you are looking for a low-force technique to relieve pain and restore mobility, then instrument adjusting is suitable chiropractic treatment for you.

Tosk Chiropractic has instrument-assisted adjusting and chiropractic treatment options that are safe, gentle, and pain-free.

For highly effective instrument adjusting and chiropractic treatments in Pittsburg, contact Tosk Chiropractic at 413-446-0851.