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What to Do If You Have a Car Accident Injury Like Whiplash

Written By Berkshire Chiropractic Services on May 29, 2020

rsz autoaccidentIf you sustain a car accident injury that results in neck pain and stiffness, you probably have whiplash. 

The first thing you need to do – even if your pain isn’t unbearable – is to see a chiropractor for whiplash treatment. Doing so can help with insurance claims, in addition to preventing long-term damage and pain.  

Why You Should Call Dr. Stephen Tosk

When you sustain an injury, your body responds by creating scar tissue. The purpose of this tissue is to repair any soft tissue damage, like tears in the muscles, ligaments, or tendons. 

Unfortunately, scar tissue isn’t as flexible as other tissues, so you can experience a decrease in your range of motion, which can lead to more pain. 

Thankfully, your chiropractor can prevent that from happening.

While scar tissue is helpful in the interim, it’s not good long-term, and left unattended it can continue to build-up. Your chiropractor can provide treatments to break up the scar tissue, promote healing, and reduce pain fast.  

What You Can Expect from Your Whiplash Treatment Plan

In many cases, Dr. Stephen D. Tosk will recommend a variety of therapies. Dr. Tosk has received extensive training in car accident injury and whiplash treatment. Through his education, he’s found that a multi-treatment approach gives you the best chance of thoroughly healing after an injury.


Don’t Put It Off – Call Your Chiropractor Right Away

Every day that you put off seeing your Pittsfield chiropractor is one more day of damage your body will endure. Even if your pain doesn’t seem that bad, an injury has occurred, and some level of damage has happened. Your chiropractor can provide you with whiplash treatment and/ or exercises that can reduce the pain fast and keep it from getting worse. 

Do you have pain from a whiplash injury? Contact us today at 413-442-8563 to find out how we can help reduce your pain.

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