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How to Get Relief from Herniated Discs with Traction

Written By Berkshire Chiropractic Services on September 3, 2021

Herniated Disc Treatment For those that have encountered back pain, perhaps no injury is as painful and frustrating as a herniated disc. Generically speaking, this condition is caused by disruptions within one of the rubber-like cushions (otherwise known as a disc) that sits between your vertebrae. Even more specifically, a herniated disc occurs when the liquid-filled center of the disc pushes out through a tear or rupture of the exterior annulus. 

Although surgery is very rarely required, the condition still causes agonizing discomfort. From focused and isolated back pain to weakness and numbness caused by nerve irritation, a herniated disc can be painful and severely inhibit one’s movements for months. 

Treatment Options for Herniated Discs

For individuals seeking the absolute best care and pain relief for their herniated disc, look no further than Tosk Chiropractic in Pittsfield. Led by Dr. Stephen Tosk—a chiropractic doctor with over 35 years of experience— Dr. Tosk of Tosk Chiropractic can treat your herniated disc. Featuring a process-based approach that puts the patient and their needs first, individuals can expect a herniated disc recovery plan that is non-invasive, and drug-free. 

Specifically, Tosk Chiropractic’s process for improving a herniated disc focuses on intermittent intersegmental traction. This is a simple yet effective therapy wherein a patient lies on a motorized table that rolls out back muscles while simultaneously realigning the spine and promoting circulation of nutrients, blood, and oxygen around the joints. With consistency and diligence, patients being treated at Tosk Chiropractic for a herniated disc can see positive results. 

Patients Come First at Tosk Chiropractic

Although intersegmental traction is the focal point of herniated disc treatment, Dr. Tosk takes a personalized approach that puts the patient and their needs first. In fact, before any treatment or recovery plan begins, a face-to-face consultation with the patient takes place. If in any way Dr. Tosk feels that he cannot help the patient after the consultation, he instead refers them to his expansive network of specialists. Putting the patient first, in every way imaginable: this is the philosophy of Tosk Chiropractic.

For individuals residing within and around the Pittsfield area seeking relief from a herniated disc, call our offices at (413) 442-8563 to schedule your first appointment today.

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